We are starting a series of blog posts, each highlighting a unique way in which Trayn can be utilized. Although we developed this platform originally with a more focused intention, what we have realized is that the capabilities of Trayn are even greater than we imagined. I like to think of Trayn as a set of Lego’s. We have put together the package, assembled all the colors, shapes and sizes you might need, and even given you very basic and easy to follow instructions on how to create a number of structures without even thinking. That’s just the beginning though. You now have the power to create anything you want with these pieces. Just like Lego’s, with Trayn you have the power to create your own templates and design your environment to look and function in a way tailored to your exact needs.

This is where YOU come in. We are continuing to discover different ways in which Trayn can be used, and even learning along the way from our amazing clients. If you are not already part of the Trayn community, we encourage you to set up your own trial environment at no cost and see what you can do with Trayn, and what it can do for you. If you are already a user, we encourage you to write us with questions we can answer in our blog, new and creative ways in which you have used our tool, and any other feedback you might have for us.

Trayn is a community. With every new coach, athlete, private trainer or physical therapist who joins our team, we become stronger! We know you are relying on us to give you the platform you need to excel in your field, and we encourage all of you to help us by sharing your experiences and discoveries so that we as a community can be as powerful as possible.

As always, follow us on Twitter and Facebook or contact us here and have a great day!