We’ve received a lot of questions regarding the pricing, so over the last weekend we rolled out an update to our pricing which will be used for all new customers starting today. Of course, we’d like to invite our existing customers to switch to the new pricing, if they feel it’s a better fit. Here, we’ll quickly go through our new pricing structure.

So, what has changed? The main change lies in the way we count the number of seats. In the old model we had separate limits for number of athletes and trainers. Starter, our smallest plan, had one slot for a single trainer plus four slots for athletes. With the new version you can distribute five spots among trainers and athletes in whichever way you prefer.

Here a quick comparison: Old shows the number of athletes/trainers and New the total users


As you can see in the comparison, we’ve also introduced the option to gradually increase the number of users. Previously, if you had more than 10 athletes, you would pay the same price as an account with 30. Now, there are intermediate steps that let you increase your account size by five at a time.

New prices for teams
Starter, Crew, and Team: updated prices

One thing we’ve specifically changed upon request: The prices for the intermediate Team plan are a lot lower now. Now you can have a plan for 25 athletes and trainers for $119 a month. Previously, the plan cost $249 a month for up to 30 athletes. There is a great reduction for accounts with 10 to 30 users.

The last change is interesting for larger organizations. All the bigger plans, starting at 50 users, now include prominent features: Macro planning and additional options for the customization of the visual appearance of Trayn are included in these plans. We’ve also removed yearly payments, because we’ve seen a lot of customers increasing their user limits during a subscription period, sometimes even multiple times. Similar to the smaller plans, we display the intermediate steps for these larger plans too: Between 50 and 100 users you can add in increments of 10 and above 100 users in increments of 25. The monthly payments also make this more transparent and comprehensive.

Do you like the new pricing and haven’t tried out Trayn yet? Go ahead and start a free trial.

If you have questions or suggestions, just comment below or join the conversation on Facebook, or Twitter. As always you can also contact us privately here.